Mulimedia Logic

Mulimedia Logic 1.4

Accesses and views internal computer resource use
Explore the emulated computer environment and monitor, check and test internal system logic of processes and algorithms. The utility prevents direct impact on hardware power supply and wire connections due to breadboarding of electronic circuits by creating a proxy software signal.

Mulimedia Logic is a logic emulator of the finest caliber. It will allow the user to explore the inner workings of computers and digital logic without having to worry about shorting out power supplies, tangling hookup wires, troubleshooting loose connections, accumulating parts, or any of the other drawbacks associated with breadboarding electronic circuits.

This program is quite complete in that it includes a comprehensive set of elementary to advanced functions: Inverters, And gates, Or gates, Xor gates, ALU's (Arithmetic Logic Units), Flip Flops, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers, RAM (Random Access Memory), etc. It has simulated LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) in various flavors, switches in many forms, plus the ability to play sounds and display pictures.

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